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CS Media Careers with Hollie Brubaker

Hollie Brubaker

HER Ideas in Film is fostering creativity through narrative filmmaking. Students will be introduced to the various stages of production from screenplays, acting, costume, directing and editing techniques using industry standard software. Students will create a professional-looking short film as part of a film crew and gain a basic skill set in film production.

Programmer Charlotte Chang Teaches Girls Robotics

Charlotte Chang

Programmer Charlotte Chang leads HER Ideas in Robotics for middle school girls interested in exploring the world of artificial intelligence. This workshop offers hands-on learning for girls to make their own technology while learning from professional technical leaders. Students will design and code their own lovable canine-themed robot dog.

The Future of Health and Data By Nicole Galek

Nicole Galek

Nicole Galek will be leading HER Ideas in Code at the Cuyahoga County Public Library in Solon and Bay Village. These workshops offer hands-on project-based activities where girls make their own technology in Health IT and Data Analytics while learning from trained technical leaders. Nicole first got involved with HER Ideas in Motion during their early years and was inspired to contribute.

Meet Chief Design Officer Nicole Domanski

Nicole Domanski

It's time to catch up with Nicole Domanski, who will lead this year's Parent Daughter Hack Days.

Hack a violin? Jamie Berland, a Seventh Grader at Fairport Harbor, is Learning How.

Jamie Berland

Hack a violin? These days, hacking just about anything is possible, and Jamie Berland, a seventh grader at Fairport Harbor, is learning how. At the age of three she started learning the violin at the persuasion of her grandmother. By the age of 10, she was spending each Saturday at the Cleveland Institute of Music.


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